Thursday, July 4, 2019

Can You hear Me Now?

Even if you are not listening, you might hear me in your dreams as I send out psychic forces to haunt you into submission to my incorrigible will. You will not destroy yourself if I can help it. Love, love, love, that is the strange misty fog clouding your brain in the middle of the night and yes, it comes from me. I know you've given up believing. I know you've given up on hope. On humanity. On life. On yourself. I know you just go through the motions one by one, sighing and dying and forgetting how to care. Life has taken some sorrowful turns. Most of us compromise so much we forget who we are, what we really wanted out of life, and what really matters to us. Some never even has the luxury of free time to think about it, no less figure it out. We rush through life so much from so early on, to grow up and work ourselves to death for an illusion of freedom and independence, that we miss the point and make no point, pointless, scoreless, we feel like losers shut out of the comfortable carefree imaginary lives we watch on TV. Placated by vicarious thrills, momentary winks, grand delusions of some promised future paradise, and impulsive instant gratifications of sensory pleasures, life is gone before we even realize it was ever here, or what we were here for. Still, let into the night, a strange mist calls out, like a magnet it draws us toward it. That is the energy of hope that I am sending out. May you always find it, if only in your dreams.