Thursday, January 23, 2020

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Just for the record, in case someone ever wants to misinterpret my meaning, what I am referring to is hope. Never give up, never surrender on hope. Hope is the essence of conscious life energy that I will never give up on. Fear is the antithesis of life energy that I will never surrender to. Never is such a powerful concept, such an impossible magic for us in this linear timeline. I still reach for it in this case, with this commitment. Never give up on hope. Never give up on love. Never give into fear. Never give into hate. Hope and love are strength. Fear and hate are weakness. Violence can end a life, but it can not sustain life. You want to die, die. You want to kill, kill. You want to destroy everything, destroy everything. You will be nothing, probably forever. What's the point then? Didn't want to feel? Didn't want to risk the bliss? Afraid of loss? Fear, there it is, you lose the moment you give into it. Your choice. I choose hope and love. It feels better, much better.

NGUNS. Interesting anagram, isn't it?

Narf :)