Saturday, December 31, 2016

Of A Sort

. o O ( and then... suddenly... after all this time... this needed to come out ) O o .

She called me BFF, she has no time for me. for many years we lived together, i was there for her anytime, in the middle of the night when she was sick, the go to ride whenever she needed a ride, to talk her down from self-harming, whatever the hour - to the airport, appointments, when her car was serviced, if there was ever an emergency, i'd drop everything and be there, i even paid most of the bills for the years we lived together and then she fell in love and i was so happy for her and then moved 20 minutes away and we never see each other like we live a million miles apart and just when I needed a friend most, she stopped being there for me at all. Maybe she never really was. That last thought is even more painful than being abandoned.

You think you know me?