Sunday, July 30, 2017

Avoiding, Maybe?

My first thought is not really avoiding, maybe procrastinating and then I think, not really procrastinating, maybe stagnating and then I think, not really stagnating, maybe idling and then I think, yeah, idling is more than any of the other descriptors what I am doing in life these days. Maybe this is a reminder that I have not made a record of a life entry in ages (right?). Maybe this is a reminder that I have not made an entry here in this blog in ages. Yes, avoiding the previous entry. Yes, procrastinating about moving into a more comfortable space because the uber conveniences of my current location. Yes, stagnating on a few levels, but that requires a whole lot more time and words and analysis. Yes, idling, that is where I am at today. Waiting to see if anyone cares (especially one) but that does not keep me where I am. What keeps me idling in a comfort zone and settling for less comfort and a whole lot less space and amenities and stuff of my own, but convenience. 6 blocks from work. Enjoying self-indulgences and daily pleasures. Saving $, mostly. A change would be welcome, but only a change for the better, overall. Feel free to apply within. :)