Sunday, October 1, 2017


Still idling and avoiding the one before. Torn. Yes, there's a song in the title and es, it's probably the one you are thinking of. I am torn between respecting the privacy just about everyone seems to want and expressing myself freely and openly on the web which is what I want. how to I express myself freely and share my life openly when people in my life do not want any mention of any conversation we might have online? It makes no sense to me to hide your live away no matter how much hurt can come from trusting and sharing and caring. IT makes no sense to me to give any less than everything to the dream of finding the one who shares as I do, cares as I do, sees and hears and feels as I do. I do not understand why anyone would want to live alone and hidden from the world when for me, sharing is what life is for. Yet again and again I am told that something I wrote hurt someone I care about because the words they inspired me to write were private. As if I am violating their privacy by letting them inspire me to express myself. It hurts me to think my words expressing who I am hurt someone. But this is my dream, to quest for understanding here, there, and everywhere. How can I actualize my dream of sharing me if I hold back who I am?