Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Loving Limerence

I have very different deep down priorities and interests than anyone I know, but that's besides the point, whatever the point is. Limericks, or something like that. I can be quite obsessive though. Not so much for people anymore, but I used to. Yes, I loved my limerences. Some might say dalliances, but I was all in. People have disillusioned me though and most repulse me now on just about every level, but especially emotionally. I find fear and anger and negativity repulsive and as far as I can see, that's increasing in humans. It seems like we are heading for another self-destructive world war or other species reducing calamity. The planet needs it and whether nature does it to us from outside or inside our heads, it happens again and again throughout history to all species like us. Intelligent life would be learning from past mistakes and not just repeating them. Still, there's hope, I hope.