Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cereal Box Philosophy

Writing, food, and love. I sometimes get bored, I often get tired. Boredom comes less often because I amuse myself well and I am amused easily). Tired comes daily as the body requires sleep to function at optimal levels. I do get bored engaging in the same activity for too long, day after day. I tired of repetition eventually, except in a few areas. That which I tired of or get bored with least are writing, food, and love. Writing is my mind expressing itself and I rarely tire of or get bored with me, so even when the world outside my head offers the same patterns for too long, I close my eyes and watch my world unfold before me. Food is sensory pleasure, so I seem to tire of or find it boring almost never. I don't recall a time, but never is probably not true. Love is my highest euphoria. The dream of it, the sharing of caring, helping, giving... I don't think I've ever gotten bored with love, yes, never. It is possible I have tired of limitation or superficial love that everyone I've ever met offers. What I do tire of is working so hard to find ways to love people. I tired of the fears and walls and defenses and cruelties people use to keep honest love away. So I suppose eating is the activity I resort to most often since it does not require another living thing (it only requires the dead things I eat). No wonder I am dying lol. Gotta love this life, at least until it's over, it's all we've got. And love, even alone, is better than not love. So write, eat, and love. That's my philosophy for a happy life. :)